My all video editing apps + their paid version

My all video editing apps:

Kinemaster Mod Apk

In My all video editing apps kinemaster is the main app i use for video edit in my android. But i also edit my videos in my pc. Now am going to give you all android video editing paid version apps that i use for my video editing. So, lets get this started.

Kinemaster Mod Apk(paid version):

Do you want to create incredible videos on your smartphone? Download Kinemater Mod Apk 2021 for an amazing and easy-to-use professional video editing app. You don’t have to be a professional to use it – anyone can create amazing video content with this Android app.

(My all video editing apps) Features:

  • All premium functions are activated
  • No watermark
  • Supports all versions You can get an insight immediately at any time
  • Multiple layers with videos, pictures, stickers, text, handwritten video clips and much more
  • Cut, splice and slice picture by picture.
  • Activate the desired hue, lightness, and saturation controls
  • Color filter
  • Speed control for video clips
  • Show / hide sound (global paste option)
  • Transition effects, d. H. 3D transitions, erasures, dissolves and more.
  • A variety of themes, animations and audiovisual effects
  • Volume envelope that enables precise volume control at any time
  • Chroma key function that supports all video formats
  • Automatically optimize unsupported videos
  • Share editing videos to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, VK and more
    And more…


Smooth Action Cam:

My all video editing apps

Smooth Action Cam this app is the main app i use for my video editing. With this app i slow all my videos to a high level. Unlike other apps, Smooth Action-Cam Slowmo works with your high FPS raw footage without converting it to 30 FPS first. If you want to go really slow, this app calculates extra frames using motion interpolation or image blending. These methods can provide very smooth slow motion clips without stuttering or what some people call “lag”!

(My all video editing apps) Features:

– Cut, erase and trim
– Slow motion (slow motion) or for your video or the entire clip
– Calculate extra video frames if needed, for super smooth videos!
– Speed up parts (time lapse) either for your video or the entire clip
– Add slow motion sound effects
– Add fisheye image effect to your smartphone images
– Export your clip in full resolution
– Export in lower or higher resolution or in fps


Alight Motion:

My all video editing apps

Alight Motion Pro is the app which i use for making graphics higher and to make some effects that makes my video looks better and it also use to apply some presets. So, you can’t waste your time to adjust graphics. Just copy the presets settings and paste it to your video in elight motion and enjoy your video. You can export your video at higher quality without any watermark or paid things because this app is already paid and you don’t need to pay for this.

This application for creating graphics, visual effects and animations on your smartphone. It’s the only best app for creating animation on Android devices. Alight Motion Pro is the world’s leading motion design application. It also supports multiple layers for designing graphics and motions.This software also provides you with a comprehensive vector library for freehand illustration. If you love creating animation and graphics Alight Motion Mod APK is the best app to manage your tasks. It has visual effects to make the graphic design more interesting. One of the best features of is its keyframe function.


Filmora Go Apk:

My all video editing apps


Filmora go is the app which is use to apply shake effects and mild effect into your video. If you download this apk from google play store u will get a watermark in your video and also a name tag ending into your video which called filmorago outro. But if you download this apk form given link below you can enjoy this app for free without any add, watermark and filmorago outro.

(My all video editing apps) Features:

  • It is a powerful application that adds stars to all videos.
  • This application comes without a watermark and helps you edit without specifying a time limit on any type of video.
  • We can create funny and amazing videos for Instagram, Facebook and also for the biggest video platform like YouTube.


Screen Recorder:

My all video editing apps

ADV Screen Recorder is the screen recorder i use to record my video this screen recorder is free of cost and you can download easily from here. You can record your game videos specially pubg with out any lag. It doesn’t matter which type you device you using. I also use this screen recorder in 3 gb ram phone but it doesn’t lag my game and also doesn’t effect my battery.

ADV Screen Recorder has been designed to have all functions, without any restrictions and without the need for root.

ADV Screen Recorder allows you to:
– Recording with 2 engines (default and advanced)
– Pause recording (requires advanced engine)
– Draw on the go with your favorite color
– Use the front or rear camera while recording
– Define your text with full customization
– Configure your banner with full customization
– Crop video
– Much more!…

Feel free to send us your suggestions!

ADV Screen Recorder is an app that can record anything happening on your device screen, and everything without root or with complicated and boring interface. Just press one button to start recording and another to stop it.

Among the tools available while recording, there are options for drawing and writing on the clip. Simply choose a color and use your finger to write, point or doodle on the screen throughout the recording process.

While you are recording, you can activate the front and rear cameras and the view will appear in a corner of the screen. In the setup options, you can also adjust the resolution, FPS and bit rate for recording.

ADV Screen Recorder is a great video recording app that makes capturing everything happening on your Android screen as easy as it gets.

(My all video editing apps) Features:

  • Professional features unlocked
  • Disabled / deleted permissions, receivers and unwanted services.
  • Analytics / Crashlytics disabled.









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